Let us roll out the red carpet for you.

In the largest transaction of your life, you should feel like a VIP.

Follow these steps to a successful purchase.

Step 1

Start with the Buyer Intake Form

By filling out the Buyer Intake Form, you provide us with key information about your preferred property features, lifestyle, and financial situation. This allows us to better understand your home-buying needs, equipping us for our upcoming meeting and personalized searches.

Start The Buyer Intake Form


Step 2

Book An Meeting

Book a personal meeting with me where we can discuss your home-buying plans, answer any queries, and align our expectations for a smooth and successful home-buying journey.

Book An Appointment


Step 3

Attend the Home-Buying Meeting 

At our in-person meeting, we will delve deeper into your home preferences, address any uncertainties, and officially launch our mission to find your dream home. Excited to start?


Step 4

Begin Your Home Search

Now, the real fun begins! Based on your specified criteria and our strategy, we’ll start the hunt for your dream home, presenting you with properties that align with your preferences.


Step 5

Make an Offer and Negotiate

After pinpointing your ideal home, I’ll put in an offer and negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf, ensuring this phase is as seamless and efficient as possible.


Step 6

Get the Keys to Your New Home

And voila! We’ve reached the closing stage and the deal is sealed. All that remains is for you to pick up the keys and step into your new home. Welcome home!

At Keller Williams Winter Park, we’re committed to transforming your home buying journey into a pleasurable, seamless experience. Our customized approach includes a clear, streamlined process, tailored to suit your unique needs.

Your journey begins with our Buyer Intake Form. This integral tool allows us to capture your individual preferences, financial status, and property aspirations, serving as the cornerstone for your personalized home search.

Upon completion of the form, you’re invited to schedule a Home Buying Consultation. This face-to-face encounter provides the perfect platform to explore your preferences in detail, answer any queries, and foster our burgeoning partnership.

Rest assured, you’re in the hands of accomplished professionals at Keller Williams Winter Park. Our team stands ready to dispense expert advice, tap into a broad network, and instill confidence in your home-buying journey. Our tailored approach sets the stage for a delightful and successful home-buying experience.

All these steps pave the way to a successful purchase.



We will find your dream home 3X faster than the average agent.

Rod Lowery | Real Estate Agent | License SL3566896

Real estate agent Rod in his office

Start Your Dream Home Journey here

Welcome! I’m Rod Lowery, a dedicated real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty Winter Park. Our exciting journey towards your dream home begins here. I pledge to make this experience seamless and enjoyable.

Streamlined Home Buying Process

With me, you’ll navigate a clear and efficient path to homeownership. We begin by setting your budget and prequalifying you for a mortgage, positioning you as a serious buyer.

Next, we delve into your unique home desires through our Buyer Intake Form. This crucial step helps us tailor the search to your specific needs.

Aligning Your Home-Buying Strategy

Upon understanding your needs, we’ll meet face-to-face to discuss your home-buying plan and answer any questions, ensuring a smooth journey to your new home.

Backed by the Expertise of Keller Williams Winter Park

Together with my support and the Keller Williams Winter Park Realty team, you can step into the home-buying process confidently. We’re here to offer expert advice, utilize our extensive network, and make your dream of owning the perfect home a reality. Let’s embark on this exciting journey!