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Rod Lowey Realtor®
Rod Lowey Realtor®
Hey there, I’m Rod Lowery. When you and I sit down to talk, it won’t be some fancy pitch about my team’s victories. Our track record speaks for itself. But here’s what’s key: I’m here to listen to you. Whether you’re in a tight spot and need someone to take over payments, facing foreclosure, or just need to sell, I’m all ears. My goal? To truly understand your situation and needs, so we can craft a plan that’s spot-on for you.

Why not schedule a time to meet one-on-one? We’ll go through your questions, concerns, anything you’ve got on your mind. As an investor and realtor, I’m committed to making your home selling experience not just hassle-free, but also as beneficial as it can be for you. Whether it’s getting the best price or finding the right strategic solution for your unique situation, we’re going to focus on what maximizes your outcome at closing.

45-Minute Meeting